What if the answers to all your questions lie within?


We all have lessons to learn in life – and at times, these lessons can bring you to your knees. The stresses of life, work, family and relationships can become overwhelming. You may find yourself feeling stuck, deeply unhappy and unable to move forward. You may notice you are experiencing repeating patterns or struggling with anxiety, depression, grief or trauma.


You tell yourself it’s normal, and you should just ‘get over it’. But deep down, you know something is holding you back from living your best life – and you’re ready to make a change.


I’m Georgia Jans.  I’m a therapist, spiritual mentor and soul healer. My own experiences of burnout and loss led me to embark on a global journey of spiritual exploration, healing and transformation. I studied numerous healing modalities and found new passions, inner peace and the courage to embark on a new path of inspiring, empowering and healing others.


Living with Heart & Soul is the product of my soul search. Drawing on proven therapeutic tools and spiritual wisdom, I will guide you to release and heal the pain of your past, access your soul’s guidance and experience profound and lasting transformation.


Now is the time to step into your power and close that chapter for good. Go to the CONNECT page to book your FREE discovery session and together, we’ll write your new life story.


With love and an open heart, Georgia