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Welcome to Living with Heart & Soul

What if the answers to all your questions lie within?

We all have lessons to learn in life – and at times, these lessons can bring you to your knees. The stresses of life, work, family and relationships can become overwhelming. You may find yourself feeling stuck, deeply unhappy and unable to move forward. You may notice you are experiencing repeating patterns, or struggling with anxiety, depression, grief or trauma.

You tell yourself it’s normal, and you should just ‘get over it’. But deep down, you know something is holding you back from living your best life – and you’re ready to make a change.

I’m Georgia Jans.  I’m a therapist, spiritual mentor and soul healer. My own experiences of burnout and loss led me to embark on a global journey of spiritual exploration, healing and transformation. I studied numerous healing modalities and found new passions, inner peace and the courage to embark on a new path of inspiring, empowering and healing others.

Living with Heart & Soul is the product of my soul search. Drawing on proven therapeutic tools and spiritual wisdom, I will guide you to release and heal the pain of your past, access your soul’s guidance and experience profound and lasting transformation.

Now is the time to step into your power and close that chapter for good. Go to the CONNECT page to book your FREE discovery session and together, we’ll write your new life story.

With love and an open heart, Georgia

During the Spring of 2013, I had the unfortunate experience of losing my mother in a tragic accident. As a result, I began to struggle with everyday functions and felt it difficult to move forward. I met with Georgia, as I was searching for a solution to help overcome the situation I found myself in. This was when Georgia explained how she would be able to help with my grief. After several sessions with Georgia, my outlook on life brightened considerably. I was able to take those important steps forward to get past my grief, including being able to sleep, which I had struggled with. The work with Georgia allowed me to function normally once again. Georgia’s demeanour and approach made me feel more comfortable and gave me assurance that she could help during the toughest time of my life. I recommend Georgia to anybody who is experiencing similar challenges. I would not hesitate using her services again.

Dr Joe Xanthopoulos 43 Dentist @ Kew Dentistry


I was quite sceptical and apprehensive at first having had very little exposure to alternative therapies throughout my childhood or adulthood to date. However I was open minded and willing to explore an alternative approach to understand and heal a level of destructive anxiety that had been evident in my life since early childhood. Georgia‘s natural holistic and professional approach to hypnotherapy allowed me to deeply relax and enter a subconscious world, that enabled me to connect to and understand the anxiety and redirect my misguided apprehension into positive energy and internal healing. The experience was refreshing, relaxing and strengthened my approach and outlook to my daily activities. I would highly recommend attending Georgia’s practice.

Mark Williams 35 Corporate Finance


It was a stroke of luck the day I was given Georgia’s contact details with the recommendation that she would be a good yoga instructor. Running a marketing communications office in Richmond, I was on the lookout for a yoga expert that could come to us after work and take the girls through a relaxing and stress free yoga session. Good doesn’t even come close to describing the many talents that Georgia possesses. She was in a word, fabulous! Friendly and open, Georgia was extremely professional in her approach to our weekly office yoga classes. She would arrive always on time, ready our area with candles and literally over the next hour take us on a journey of stretching and meditational relaxation. Georgia is well studied in her craft and meticulous about relaying the holistic benefits to her students. Above all Georgia is passionate and she manages effortlessly to convey that passion through to everyone she works with.

Anneliese Shortt 49 Marketing & Communications Director


I’ve known Georgia my whole life, being my sister! Minutes before we were due to leave for our father’s funeral, I was feeling extremely anxious and found it difficult to breathe. I felt myself having a panic attack. Georgia immediately came to my assistance and talked me through a calming meditation and through the use of her words and voice, brought me right back to feeling peaceful and feeling like I could do this. Although my father’s funeral was very difficult, I know without a doubt that Georgia’s meditation helped me to get through it much more easily.

Joanne McGarry 43 Photographer


A hypnotherapy session with Georgia is always something to look forward to! It is such an incredible experience: you leave behind your stress, your anxieties, your negative thoughts and all your worries and concerns seem to disappear. Well that is how I felt each time I saw Georgia. After a session, my husband often commented on how calm and relaxed I was, even many days later. Seeing Georgia was so good for my marriage!

Laura Febbo 67 Retiree


Hi Georgia, thank you for the Reiki session. It was my first experience of Reiki, and I found it to be gentle and encouraging. I have started to explore the insights that you discovered. I felt welcome and in safe hands. I expect to return soon. Kind regards and thanks again.

Alec Halls 53 Hypnotherapist & Counsellor


Georgia, I have you to thank for introducing me to yoga a few years ago with your lunch-hour yoga classes at NAB. You have a gentle, inspiring way of teaching, and those initial classes with you have led me to continue practising yoga. So thank you!

Anne Manis Accountant


I had the pleasure and first time experience of having past life regression therapy with Georgia in a beautiful setting in Bali a couple of years ago. Georgia’s smoothing hypnotic voice had me going into a deep sense of calm and peace from moments after the session began. I felt very deep in my hypnotic state, with very heavy eyelids and a sense of calm. I had no expectations of a past life regression and was surprised at the images and thoughts that arose as we went through my time line. I enjoyed the experience and it gave me further awareness to be able to find the tools to move forward in this life and not repeat the same cycles. Thanks Georgia.

Adelle Hemingway 43 Owner Hemingway’s Journeys


On the day of my wedding, my pre wedding jitters were setting in. Georgia sensed my emotional state and suggested a gentle guided meditation. We sat on the patio looking out on the hills of the Yarra Valley, as Georgia worked through a process of calming every inch of my body and getting me centred onto the here and now. Once I opened my eyes, I felt a sense of reassurance and confidence to enjoy the day rather than stress about things going wrong. I can’t thank Georgia enough for helping me on my wedding day.

Vicky Sage 35 HR Manager


I have had the good fortune to be connected with Georgia as my hypnotherapist, reiki healer, NLP practitioner and spiritual advisor. Georgia has a natural ability to soothe the heart from pain and has guided me into the light of understanding. Her gentle yet powerful healing, has assisted me to step back into my life. I was encouraged to explore and find the resources within me, so I could see the strength and beauty of my own heart. The heavens have blessed Georgia with amazing gifts. A true spiritual healer that truly cares for the earth and it’s people. Heartfelt thanks for helping me see the magnificence of living.

Dawn Kellar 43 Spiritual Author


I had never had hypnotherapy before, but I knew that I was in safe hands with Georgia. Her nurturing and holistic approach to hypnotherapy put me at ease. The experience was joyful and deeply relaxing. Hypnotherapy not only worked for the particular issue that I had, but I left the sessions feeling refreshed and empowered, even after having a Skype session with Georgia when I was in Paris. I would definitely recommend a session with Georgia.

Claire Lefebvre 26 Artist