KissesAt the end of March this year, I decided to take part in the 100 Happy Day Challenge as a sort of experiment. How would doing this challenge make me feel? Could it be used as a tool to help people who were feeling blue or depressed so they could feel better? Could I use this with my clients? I’m a curious sort, so I thought the best way to find out, was to do so myself. Interestingly enough, I was feeling rather blue myself at the time, so I was also doing so for personal reasons!!

During the 100 days, which is actually a good amount of time, I noticed feeling more positive. I took the approach of sharing my posts on my FB wall, as I wanted to hold myself accountable and commit to doing this activity for the full 100 days. I also decided to write about what I felt grateful about. When I started, I honestly thought I would struggle to find 100 things I would be grateful about.

Well, let me tell you, each day, thoughts and ideas would pop into my head and I started writing down these ideas for future use. I found that others took keen interest in my posts and responded with many kind and thoughtful words. I felt myself feeling grateful for all the things in my life, some of which I hadn’t stopped to think about until I started this challenge. Some of these things, were things I wouldn’t have normally thought about. And then I realised, how MANY things I had in my life, to feel grateful for. Life was starting to look brighter, more positive.

I found that in doing the 100 Happy Day Challenge, which I turned into the 100 Grateful Day Challenge, that my feeling blue, actually disappeared. I felt better about myself and was more active and involved. Now, I’m not saying that a challenge like this alone is the answer to everyone’s problems or those with severe cases of depression but I think that my experiment does show that a tool such as this, can actually be powerful and a really good way to get some people out of their heads and onto paper or computer.

So, next time you are feeling blue, why don’t you start a challenge like this? Perhaps you don’t make it public like I did. Perhaps you do. Whatever you feel comfortable with. You can write in your journal if you prefer to be more private. Whatever you decide, I would just suggest starting and committing to a practise of no less than 30 days. And you may very well surprise yourself. Anyway, I would be keen to hear what you think of this practise. Have you tried it? Did it work for you or not? Did you find any surprises?