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The Rise of the Health Coach

A doctor works primarily to pinpoint the causes of symptoms and how to fix them – whether it’s by taking medication or changing diet. But after one or two appointments, the rest is up to you. To help create and execute long-term plans outside the office, more doctors are turning to health coaches who work closely with them (some even sit in on physicals) to develop specific regimens and goals. Using physical exams, tests, blood work, and medication orders, health coaches then keep in touch regularly to ensure patients hit those targets.

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100 Happy Day Challenge

KissesAt the end of March this year, I decided to take part in the 100 Happy Day Challenge as a sort of experiment. How would doing this challenge make me feel? Could it be used as a tool to help people who were feeling blue or depressed so they could feel better? Could I use this with my clients? I’m a curious sort, so I thought the best way to find out, was to do so myself. Interestingly enough, I was feeling rather blue myself at the time, so I was also doing so for personal reasons!!

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