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A reminder about how to live

In this day and age, we are often given conflicting advice about how to live. I believe it’s key to know what’s important to you, to be strong in your values and morals. To have a vision for your life.  And to live by this. Don’t allow others to tell you what’s important and how you should live your life.

I first came across the piece below many years ago, and it made an impression on me. It is rather simple but i feel it is effective as it makes a valid point. What do you think? Do you agree?

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Alzheimer’s is not a dirty word

I have to admit that Alzheimer’s was not a subject that I had heard much about before my mother was diagnosed with this dreaded disease 18 months ago. For that is what it is. An irreversible disease, that strikes indiscriminately. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. And yet, in my opinion, it appears to not be spoken about widely. As if, somehow, having a loved one with Alzheimer’s is shameful. Hence why I am writing this today.

The first signs my sisters and I had that something wasn’t right with my mother was her memory. She had very little short term memory and would often ask the same things repeatedly. There were mood swings too. Looking back and with hindsight, it’s easy to notice but at the time, we put it down to aging and perhaps loneliness, after losing dad years earlier.

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My Spiritual Journey took me to Mt Everest base camp!

When I first started on my spiritual journey, there were few people around who I felt i could talk to about this. Admittedly this was prior to the internet (early 1990s) but it was quite a lonely time. Lonely because I kept to myself, shared little with others and was so hungry for knowledge. I was also hungry for people I could converse with on all things spiritual.

I read as much as I could, following my intuition to books that opened my mind. There were many books I read during this time (and continue to now).

I was fortunate to meet someone through work, who was ahead of me on his journey. He lived interstate, so guided me when we spoke on the phone and met in person. I was insatiable for knowledge, so loved all the opportunities I had to talk with him. At that point in time, having this guidance was important to an inquiring mind like mine. It was also key for my spiritual journey’s progression.

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