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My morning coffee and a little kindness

CoffeeThis morning I went to my local café for my regular coffee and had a beautiful experience that left me in tears ~ happy tears.

When I visited the same café yesterday morning, I was feeling frustrated, having just left my mother’s after an appointment with her and a Council employee. My mother has Alzheimer’s and my sisters and I have been doing all we can to get everything in place for her, so that she is safe and comfortable. It’s hard to know exactly how far along mum is with her Alzheimer’s, though we are fortunate that she still knows who we are. I dread to think about the time when she won’t recognise us. But for now, everyday presents us with a new challenge. Confusion, anxiety, memory loss and the fallout from these, are things we deal with on a regular basis. Coming to terms with the changes in mum, has been a struggle so far and one that we need to prepare for mentally. And all of this is emotionally draining.

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Things you will notice after meditating

Meditation 2Meditation is a tool that I personally use daily, as I love the way it makes me feel. It is also a tool that I teach many of my clients how to do and suggest they practice on a regular basis. There is no denying the benefits of a consistent meditation practice. I know this from personal experience but all the clients who I have introduced meditation to or have helped them with their practice, all say the same thing. Meditation works!

I found this article on the MindBodyGreen blog and thought I would share it.  The article was written by Ashley Stavig and published on December 8, 2014. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this. What have you noticed after meditating?

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Corporate yoga: what’s all the hype about?

What do people think of corporate yoga classes? Do they work? Are they effective? Does anyone turn up? Well i have both taught corporate yoga classes and have also been a student, and while I may be biased, I personally believe they are very effective and have found them to be popular.

Corporate yoga helps businesses save time and money by reducing staff turnover, absenteeism, illness and stress levels. The yoga classes don’t make stress disappear but they do help people manage their reactions to stress more effectively. Students of corporate yoga often comment on improved powers of concentration, greater clarity of mind, better decision making and improved productivity, as well as a deeper sense of health and wellbeing.

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History of Essential Oils

In the 1920’s a French chemist, Rene Maurice Gattefosse, coined the term “aromatherapy.”

Gattefosse suffered a serious burn to his arm, while working to refine a new perfume. He turned to the nearest cool liquid available to relieve his pain, which was a vat of lavender oil. Reportedly the chemist was rewarded with immediate relief and a speedy recovery without scarring. Occurring to Gattefosse, essential oils are not only useful in perfumery, but also as a healing agent. In 1937, Gattfosse referred to this emerging therapeutic field as “aromatherapie” in recognition of the antiviral, antiseptic, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties of essential oils.

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Vegan Lime Cheesecake recipe

INGREDIENTSThis makes about 12 small or 1 x 8 inch sized cheesecake

1.5 cup cashews
0.75 cup dates
75 grams (2.7 ounce) almonds with skin on
2 tbs desiccated coconut
0.5 cup fresh lime juice
Zest from one lime
110 grams (3.9 ounce) coconut milk
2 tbs coconut oil
2 tbs honey

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The Rise of the Health Coach

A doctor works primarily to pinpoint the causes of symptoms and how to fix them – whether it’s by taking medication or changing diet. But after one or two appointments, the rest is up to you. To help create and execute long-term plans outside the office, more doctors are turning to health coaches who work closely with them (some even sit in on physicals) to develop specific regimens and goals. Using physical exams, tests, blood work, and medication orders, health coaches then keep in touch regularly to ensure patients hit those targets.

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100 Happy Day Challenge

KissesAt the end of March this year, I decided to take part in the 100 Happy Day Challenge as a sort of experiment. How would doing this challenge make me feel? Could it be used as a tool to help people who were feeling blue or depressed so they could feel better? Could I use this with my clients? I’m a curious sort, so I thought the best way to find out, was to do so myself. Interestingly enough, I was feeling rather blue myself at the time, so I was also doing so for personal reasons!!

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