Today marks 8 years since I left my corporate career. Wow, what a journey it has been since!

I have done a number of contract roles since, for a Not for Profit in the Mental Health space, for a Financial Services business, a Telecommunications start up and Australia Post corporate and they all gave me experience but something was always missing. My light never truly shined at any of these places.

I also spent time traveling far and wide (that should be no surprise for a gypsy like me) and studying healing modalities and doing more spiritual learning. I have met so many amazing people. My landscape truly has become wider and richer.

I have also spent the last 2 years + (and continue to) caring for my mother who was Alzheimer’s. This is the toughest one by far! And again, it’s teaching me much. About love and life. Precious moments!

I have realised that being of service to others, through inspiring, facilitating healing and therapy, motivating others is what I do best. Helping others to raise their own vibration. It’s what I love to do and what makes me shine ever so bright. It’s what I was born to do. My calling, if you like.

And so, while I try to balance caring for my mother, along with being of service via my calling, I continue on this path. I ask myself, would I return to corporate and I am clear I wouldn’t. I’m a different person than the woman who left 8 years ago.

It took a lot of courage to leave a successful 20 year corporate career but I’ve always been one to be bold. Life is for living, exploring, getting out there and meeting new people. Making a difference. While I may not be as financially comfortable as I would be, had I stayed in corporate, my soul feels free, alive and is smiling at me! And that’s something! I feel I made the right decision! And I truly am excited about the future and where it will take me.

I hope that in reading this, I may inspire even one person to follow their heart or soul’s calling, even if its a whisper. Even if it may seem crazy to everyone but you. Even if you are afraid. Take the first step. Each step will be revealed with time. Believe in yourself!

With a full heart for all I’ve experienced so far (the good and not so good!) and deeply grateful to all who have crossed my path and helped me realise more of who I am, Georgia