CoffeeThis morning I went to my local café for my regular coffee and had a beautiful experience that left me in tears ~ happy tears.

When I visited the same café yesterday morning, I was feeling frustrated, having just left my mother’s after an appointment with her and a Council employee. My mother has Alzheimer’s and my sisters and I have been doing all we can to get everything in place for her, so that she is safe and comfortable. It’s hard to know exactly how far along mum is with her Alzheimer’s, though we are fortunate that she still knows who we are. I dread to think about the time when she won’t recognise us. But for now, everyday presents us with a new challenge. Confusion, anxiety, memory loss and the fallout from these, are things we deal with on a regular basis. Coming to terms with the changes in mum, has been a struggle so far and one that we need to prepare for mentally. And all of this is emotionally draining.

I must have looked stressed when I went to my local café yesterday. I had a quick chat with one of the owners, drank my coffee and left.

Today, I ordered my coffee and sat down to write in my journal. I like to write in my journal, as it’s a way of getting what’s in my head out. It’s therapeutic in some ways. Not long after I sat down, the owner brought me a home made biscuit (on the house) and asked me how I was.

She said some very beautiful, kind things to me, amongst others telling me that I light up the café when I go in and that I inspire her and many others. She told me that I needed to hear this and really take it in. I was totally stunned by what she said. Being extremely self critical, I tend to be so hard on myself. For someone to be so kind to me, completely unprovoked, took me by surprise and filled my heart with happiness. This is what I love to do for others. Be kind, share a kind thought or gesture, inspire and uplift – and now this was being returned to me!!

And that’s when the happy tears flowed. She told me that she didn’t mean to upset me and I told her I wasn’t upset, they were tears of joy. She then gave me a hug and told me that she wanted to give me a hug when she saw me yesterday. Do you know how good that felt?

Inspiring others, being kind, lifting someone’s spirits doesn’t have to take much. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture or even cost anything. But the payoff, the end result, cannot be measured. How does one measure the smile, the spring in one’s step or the filling up of one’s heart?

So I’d like to leave you with this one last thought. If you too can be kind to someone today, do so. The world needs more love, more kindness, more compassion right now. The world can be better because of you. it all starts with you!

Yours in love and light, Georgia