When I first started on my spiritual journey, there were few people around who I felt i could talk to about this. Admittedly this was prior to the internet (early 1990s) but it was quite a lonely time. Lonely because I kept to myself, shared little with others and was so hungry for knowledge. I was also hungry for people I could converse with on all things spiritual.

I read as much as I could, following my intuition to books that opened my mind. There were many books I read during this time (and continue to now).

I was fortunate to meet someone through work, who was ahead of me on his journey. He lived interstate, so guided me when we spoke on the phone and met in person. I was insatiable for knowledge, so loved all the opportunities I had to talk with him. At that point in time, having this guidance was important to an inquiring mind like mine. It was also key for my spiritual journey’s progression.

With time, I moved (or stumbled!) into and across various areas and met numerous people. I also did many short courses to learn new things. I have always been quite reflective and observant and noticed many things. One thing I had noticed was that whenever I felt challenged, I turned to yoga and yoga always helped me to feel better.

Over time, I realised I felt passionately about yoga. Intuitively I felt I would study yoga but at the right time (for me). At this time, I experienced many different forms of yoga. I took myself to numerous yoga schools, learned different styles of yoga and met many yoga teachers. This was wonderful for me, as it allowed me to gain a broad understanding and first hand experience of yoga. I didn’t (consciously) realise at the time, that this first hand experience of yoga would be beneficial to me and my clients in the future.

Looking back, it was so apparent that yoga was a passion of mine. Personally, I feel that our passions reflect our life purpose or life mission, in some way. They can also be instrumental in the direction our life takes, if we have the courage of our convictions. The question is, are we consciously aware of our passions and are we willing to follow the direction they take us? This may seem scary at first.

As happens with many people, I allowed my life to lead and for some years, didn’t listen to the quiet voice of my inner teacher (my intuition or soul). As life was busy and presented various challenges, I didn’t practice yoga as regularly. In some respects, I lost that connection to the true me. Well, as life often does, an ugly situation reared its head – my marriage fell apart, and I ended up returning to my trusted yoga practice. With time, I found solace once again. This time however, I became a fully committed student.

I decided to take a 15 month yoga teacher training course. In throwing myself into this, I found myself immersed in yoga philosophy, physical practice, esoteric teachings and a soul community, that I had been searching for a long time. I finally felt I had found my community. This was such an enriching experience for me and truly opened me to more and more spiritual teachings. This was an instrumental period for me.

From here, I moved forward, dealing with life from a new perspective and a new found courage. When my father passed away, I was supported to make a big leap, leaving my successful (and well paying) corporate career behind to go in search of my soul’s calling. I had a sense it involved yoga but was bigger than it.

The synchronicities, learnings, teachings and connections with new people who would take me forward continued. And still do to this very day as I keep an open heart and mind. During my sabbatical, I travelled and studied overseas, met many people who I felt a strong soul familiarity to and stayed connected. The internet has been a great support, for staying connected with those far away but also in developing new connections. I am so grateful for the internet in enabling this. I do believe that the internet has opened up many new avenues for people to connect and stay connected. It really has opened up a new world.

It has taken me many years but I feel that through my journey, I have found myself. And I really like who I am. There is so much I haven’t shared about my spiritual journey (I could probably write a book about this!) but I have experienced much and would love to share that. And as I know that I am here to serve, I would love to support and inspire others on their individual journeys. Whatever that may look like. I am willing to be that mentor, to provide the support and inspiration that I needed when I started out on my journey.

If this sounds like something you would like to explore, please feel free to reach out to me at georgia@livingheartsoul.com

With love and excitement, Georgia