Personally, I believe that everybody has a story to tell and this is my story. My intention in sharing my story is to give you a sense of who I am, so that you can decide if you feel a connection with me and if so, whether you would like to work with me or not.

The most authentic times in my life were when I felt aligned with my core values. This began as early as primary (elementary) school, when I befriended a refugee girl. Not consciously realising it at the time, I felt great compassion and a desire to help her acclimatise to life in Australia. The experience of helping her is one of the proudest moments of my childhood. Later in school, I developed an interest in psychology, but ended up studying business.

I had a successful 20 year career in corporate finance management but looking back, I didn’t feel passionate about my work. While there were moments of achievement and personal satisfaction and I enjoyed the mental challenge and stimulation, I felt the most rewarding part of my corporate career was the people side: mentoring, helping and inspiring staff.

When my marriage fell apart, I initially took this as a personal failure, but with time, I worked through this, thanks in part to the healing nature of yoga. When the divorce was finalised, I felt free and decided to study yoga, as this was a long held passion of mine. I wanted to give to others the healing benefits yoga had given me. While I loved helping others, teaching yoga didn’t present a strong career opportunity at the time, so I stuck with my corporate job. Shortly after qualifying as a yoga instructor, I accepted a transfer to Geneva in Switzerland. While in Geneva, my core values were challenged through the work situation I found myself in. Far from home, with little support and under great stress, I requested a transfer back to Australia.

Upon my return to Melbourne, it was apparent that my father’s cancer had returned and it proceeded to quickly weaken him. Seeing how the cancer impacted my father was challenging in many ways. His passing had a HUGE, life changing impact on me. I realised, from first hand experience, that life is short and love is critical — it’s all that matters. I began to ask myself if I was living authentically. Was I living a life of value?

After much contemplation, I left my steady corporate job and took a lengthy sabbatical to find answers and inspiration. I decided to travel and get outside my comfort zone. Starting in Tibet, I followed my intuition to various destinations, meeting people and having experiences that were instrumental to my future direction. My journey took me all the way to Vermont in the United States to study healing therapies. I had found another passion of mine and I was excited!

Returning to Australia, I began pouring my heart and soul into helping, inspiring and empowering others through my own business. I then decided to do some further studies in the therapy field. Through my healing therapy studies, I developed an interest in mental health. As it happened, I then secured a contract role at a Not For Profit in the mental health sector, working with young people and technology. In this role, I learned a great deal more about mental health.

Around this time, I met and developed a number of military connections. I recognised how instrumental mental health was in the overall wellbeing of not only active duty military but also veterans. I then found a Not For Profit who do valuable work and teach qualified yoga and meditation instructors how to teach to the military community. I undertook a number of these courses and further developed my understanding of this community. It is my intention to use my holistic healing tools with the military community, amongst others.

As I continue to work with many clients and see the results i have been able to achieve, my confidence grows. I have continued to follow my intuition to areas and modalities that interest me. Not only am I passionate in healing others but most importantly, I continue to heal myself. Going deeper and deeper, peeling back the layers of the onion. My personal opinion is that in order to be the best therapist, healer and mentor I can be, I must personally have dealt with my own issues. You could say, I am leading by example.

I can’t deny that I am passionate about helping and healing others. For a long time, I hid my spiritual beliefs from many around me. It seemed that being openly spiritual in the corporate world was not valued. Or perhaps, that’s how I saw it. And so I kept the spiritual side of me private and only shared with those closest to me. However, as the years have progressed and I have spent longer away from the corporate world, I have come to appreciate that these gifts I have are to be shared, I feel I must authentically express my truth.

I recognise that there are many people out there, who are looking for someone just like me. I am many things, but as well as being a therapist, healer and mentor, I am a light worker. In this capacity, I connect with many other light workers, star seeds, indigos and rainbow souls. At the same time, I am very down to earth and practical and also connect with those who are more grounded. I truly am balanced between my spiritual and practical sides. Lately, I have been connecting with more and more male clientele and to be honest, this makes my heart sing, to see men openly asking for guidance, support and healing.

As the weeks and months pass, I continue to keep an open mind and heart and follow my intuition to where I am lead. I am excited about what the future holds. I may only be one person but I wholeheartedly believe that I can make a positive contribution to those people I connect with. I look forward to helping, Inspiring, empowering and healing others to be their best and their authentic selves.

Life is a journey and while I don’t know the end point, I am prepared and willing to go, where the journey takes me. How about you?

With love, Georgia