Past Life Regression

Past life regression is the deliberate use of a variety of methods to retrieve memories of experiences that occurred in other lifetimes. While re-experencing past life events often brings about healing and change, the goal of looking beyond the veil of separation into the memories of the subconscious mind is to gather knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the deeper aspects of personality and character. In essence, the pursuit of past life memories derives from the desire to put present life experiences, personality and character into context within the full progression of the soul.

The process of past life regression works through hypnotherapy. Clients are guided into a state of deep relaxation, then guided through a current life memory, womb memory and through to past life recall. The therapy is based upon the premise that past experience has an effect on present conditions and behaviours and how these are experienced. Through linking into a past life, the memory acts as a release of negative patterns. It assists understanding of the bigger picture that we bring into this life to clear or use within our life purpose. It is what psychologists call catharsis. By undergoing catharsis the pattern is recognised and released.

Many clients have uncovered hidden talents that they have begun to utilise in the current lifetime with much pleasure. Others have uncovered patterns of trauma that they have carried forward into this lifetime and are living through unconsciously. By uncovering the genesis of the trauma, they have found that illnesses have been cured, anxiety and phobias disappeared and greater awareness and clarity has been found within their relationships. Clients report greater clarification of purpose after undergoing this process and report less fear based thinking in their current life.

In addition to my Clinical Hypnotherapy studies through Bennett Stellar University in the USA and Academy of Hypnotic Science in Melbourne, I completed further studies in Past Life Regression Therapy with the world acclaimed Dr. Brian L. Weiss at Omega Institute in the USA.

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When I began to experience my own past life regressions, I was excited to finally have personal knowledge of this dimension of life. These experiences continually lead me to a greater understanding of myself – my character strengths and weaknesses, my patterns of behaviour, my purpose and more importantly, where I am going from here. Opening the portal to my past lives inspired me to remain steadfast on my spiritual journey of self-discovery, healing and greater wholeness. ~ Mary Lee LaBay