There are a number of things that you can do prior to our session together, to help you have the most optimal Soul Hypnosis session.

Know that as soon as you decide to have a Soul Hypnosis session, that your subconscious will begin to process what you need to become aware of, release or heal during your session, to best support you at this time.

I suggest that you prepare a list of approximately 15 questions (although you can have more or less than this) on various subjects. It’s most helpful that you group your questions under subject headers, ie Health, Love, Relationships, Career, Purpose, Spirituality, Abundance, etc (this is just an example, your subject headers may differ) and prioritise these.

It’s important that you are really clear about what it is that you would like to know or get clarity or confirmation on. So spend time on your questions. Don’t rush this aspect of the preparation for your session. Sit on it. Meditate on it. Journal what’s on your mind, in your heart. The best questions will be those that are open, which require more than a simple yes or no response.

I have found that those clients who meditate, practise yoga or have had hypnosis sessions previously, find it quite easy and natural to get into a deeply relaxed state and open to the journey that you will be taken on during the Soul Hypnosis session. So any meditation or hypnosis (even listening to these online) you do beforehand, will certainly be beneficial for your session.

Prior to the session, it certainly is helpful to have an open mind and invite or allow your spiritual team to come forward to provide you the clarity you seek. On the day of the session, I suggest you have a light meal approximately 2 hours prior to the session to ensure you have enough energy.

If your session will be conducted online, it is important that you prepare the space that you will be doing the session. I recommend you find a comfortable space where you won’t be distracted during the session. I feel it’s best that you are seated upright (sitting on a bed is fine) during the session and you also have a blanket nearby, as your body temperature will drop during the hypnosis session. You may also like to use headphones to block out any noise, to maximise the session.

Know that I will guide you through your session with love and there is absolutely nothing to fear. All who have had a Soul Hypnosis session with me, have had a wonderful, uplifting and enlightening experience.

Above all, keep an open mind. I look forward to guiding you through the wonderful journey that is a Soul Hypnosis session.

With love, Georgia