Soul Hypnosis is a tool to help clients connect with their soul essence, while in a state of hypnosis. In this state, clients are guided to access knowledge from their subconscious, with the aim to gain greater insight.The subconscious is a multidimensional source of information that has the answers to everything across all timelines (past, present and future).The subconscious knows everything about your (current and past) life, since you were first created. It is always ready to reveal whatever is asked of it, from the wealth of knowledge and wisdom stored within your greater consciousness.

The process of Soul Hypnosis involves the client being taken into a deep relaxation. In this state, clients are guided into a hypnotic state (an altered state of consciousness) and from there, to a number of past life experiences, that the client’s subconscious deems most appropriate to access at this time. It is from here, that clients then connect with their divine team (soul guides, etc). Having connected with their divine team, which is a most beautiful and loving experience, clients receive the answers to their questions they had previously provided.  Examples of what clients often seek to understand through these sessions include: what was to be learned from certain life experiences, what can be done to move forward in the most optimal way, what can be done to release hurts, trauma and blockages and what are the most optimal healing tools or methods.

The Soul Hypnosis session can take up to 3 hours and upon completion, clients usually feel uplifted, empowered and in awe of what they have experienced and the knowing of who they are in essence. This knowing and experience of one’s soul essence, leads to greater self awareness. Soul Hypnosis is an enlightening experience, which provides clarity, insight and answers beyond the client’s conscious awareness.Often times, the session is also healing. Clients often report feelings of intense or profound love and a deep inner peace. These feelings of deep love and inner peace and greater self awareness, often stay with clients for some time after the session.  Clients are then able to move forward in life with greater ease and surety (confidence) with the understanding they have received from greater insights.

In addition to my Clinical Hypnotherapy studies through Bennett Stellar University in the USA and Academy of Hypnotic Science in Melbourne, I completed further studies in Past Life Regression Therapy with the world acclaimed Dr. Brian L. Weiss at Omega Institute in the USA.

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I had a soul reading/hypnosis with Georgia and it was absolutely magical! I can recommend her with ALL my heart. In her presence I felt so seen, so safe and everything became clear and light. She brought me to depths I didn’t know of. Her voice is calming, gentle and soft but at the same time her divinity and power shine through so clearly! Since the reading, I’ve felt a clear shift within me and in my life. I am more self-centered and grounded. I feel my soul purpose so clearly now and am about to take action. I feel more ready than I have ever had. Georgia is a true gift. Her ascended heart is bigger than the ocean. She wishes everyone so well. I will forever be grateful to this beautiful soul! ~ Lina Siring in Sweden