Did you know that your greatest teacher and your deepest source of strength and wisdom lie within you?


In my work, I see many men and women who are “stuck” in their lives and that stuck-ness drains their confidence, energy and passion for life.

What can often happen at this time, is that we look outside of ourselves for ways to feel better because we are DESPERATE to put a bandaid on our uncomfortable feelings.

I think the main reason most people remain stuck is that they are no longer confident in the decisions they need to make in their lives, they simply don’t trust themselves anymore and they become indecisive. Indecision and fear are two major symptoms of being stuck.

When you’re stuck, life feels grey and you end up just going through the motions…day in day out….existing… not truly living, when living your very best life is available to you right now.

I understand that right now, from this stuck place, this would feel like quite a stretch to wrap your head around but what if I told you that there is a way to feel better quickly?

What if I told you, that by tapping into what’s true and aligned for you, you will be able to gain clarity around what truly lights you up and that this is where the journey to living your best life begins?


But before I go any further I should properly introduce myself….

I’m Georgia and I’ve experienced being stuck a number of times and it didn’t feel great.

I stayed in a marriage that wasn’t the best fit for me, as I feared the unknown. Yet when I stepped away from that marriage, I created a new life that better “fit” me. It wasn’t easy and it took time. Listening to my inner voice (intuition) really helped me. Sometime later, my ex-husband even commented on how much happier I appeared (and I was!).

I worked in management roles within Corporate Finance for 20 years and while I was great at it, I wasn’t passionate about my work. This bothered me for a long time. After my father passed away and I seriously reflected on my life, I took a career sabbatical to find myself and never ended up going back to Corporate. Again, I experienced fear around this, was I doing the right thing, etc but I trusted in my inner voice. I decided to follow the path of my passions, my natural inclinations. While this hasn’t been easy, each step I have taken has further solidified me being on the right path.

More recently, I’ve been putting all my energy into caring for my sick mother and while this feels important, again I have felt challenged and stuck for not following my calling. I know that there is a way to combine caring for my mother and doing “my work”, which I feel is my mission in life. I certainly have experienced fear and indecision around this. But, each step I take, helps solidify that I am on the right path.

For a decade, I’ve been working with people just like you, who have come to me for either one or a number of my services and while I love my work and while I appreciate that it has great impact on my clients, I knew there was room for deeper, more transformational work….the type of work that can only be done over time, rather than a single session here and there and that is what led me to create my newest program STEP INTO YOU – A Journey Back To Your Most Powerful Self.


Over 4 months I’ll be taking you on a powerful journey of transformational and lasting change.






In the first phase of our time together, we’ll be covering some of the fundamentals required to achieve a transformation such as this and laying down some solid foundations, so that the work that follows is based on something solid and lasting. 

Wishy-washy goals and general lack of clarity are certain to trip you up so you can be sure we’ll be taking the time to do this right from the beginning.



The first thing we need to do is get real and tackle the things in your life that landed you here because we do not want a repeat performance!

I’ll be helping you to heal from past mistakes and become aware of the beliefs, habits and behaviours that hold you back so we can clear the way for the exciting journey ahead.



Just like with any journey we take, we need to know where we’re going.

In this phase, I help you to become crystal clear on the vision you have for your life.

Together we’ll create compelling goals based on what is most important to you.



In this step, we’ll be creating your roadmap for success.

We’ll map out your action plan for achieving the big, juicy goals we’ve set so you not only know where you’re headed but also HOW you will get there.

Being able to see how you can achieve your big goals is half the battle so you can be sure you’ll always know exactly what to do next so you can keep moving forward.



The Journey is where the magic happens because this is where you’ll be taking action on your goals and seeing progress every week, however, when you embark on a journey such as this, stuff comes up!

The stuff I’m referring to, is all of your old limiting beliefs, habits and anything else that would normally cause you to quit and fail, in fact, this is why most people never achieve their big life goals, because they hit a wall of limiting beliefs and don’t have the right support on board to keep them moving forward.

My job is to keep the path ahead clear for you so you can keep moving forward and taking action on your goals.

We’ll be working closely side by side and anything that surfaces will be dealt with quickly.

It’s normal to have this stuff surface when you’re on the path to achieving something big….how you move through it is important and having support at this time is what will make the difference between success and failure to achieve your biggest goals.



Very few people truly celebrate their wins in life and I think that’s a shame!

Part of our time together will require that you DO celebrate how far you’ve come and I will also leave you with your eye firmly planted on your next big goal because I believe that if we want to live a rich and fulfilled life it’s important to continually be pursuing our passions.




The first thing is that this is not a quick fix, bandaid program designed to patch you up and send you on your way.
This program is deeply transformational and true and lasting transformation takes time.

This program is work we do together privately, this is not a group program, I believe this type of work is best-done one-to-one so you feel free to be fully honest and open about your dreams and desires and the things that hold you back.

Every program is different because you’re different! I do have a methodology I employ but it is tailored to your specific needs so you can be sure you’ll be getting exactly what you need to achieve the result you’re after.

If this program speaks to you, please click the button below to schedule a time for us to chat.

Please note that there is no obligation or sales pressure on the call, it’s simply an opportunity to see if this program is a great fit for you and that we make a good team.

One thing I do promise though is that you’ll leave the call (having only invested your time) feeling better, regardless of whether we are a good fit or not.


If you’re ready to take the next step, please complete the form below and I’ll be in touch.

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