Earlier this week, I had reason to think about what brings me the most pure divine joy in my life. And it really wasn’t all that hard for me to decide. For me, I find that love, in all it’s different forms and facets, is what brings me the most joy right now.

And so, I ask you now, to close your eyes if you may, and picture or feel into the following. Notice how you feel.

  • The love in a baby’s eyes looking up to it’s parent – so innocent, so pure, so divine;
  • The love of young sweethearts – so much passion, longing, excitement;
  • The love of two friends for each other –many shared moments and secrets, much learning and boundary setting, promises to remain close no matter what happens;
  • The love of brothers and sisters for one another, that only blood and a common bond can create;
  • The love of a newly married couple – so much anticipation and excitement, so many dreams for a future together;
  • The love and respect of two military buddies – who have been in combat together, who have been there for each other, who have lost many buddies – the unspoken acts of bravery;
  • The love of an adult child for their ailing, elderly parent – so much gratitude for life and all the sacrifices that were made on their behalf, all those memories, both happy and sad, so many special moments and never enough time;
  • The love of an elderly couple for one another, walking hand in hand, looking at each other with so much tenderness, a shared history, knowing they’ve been through so much together, yet are still there for one another;
  • The love of your dog – the look in your dog’s eyes when they see you walk in the door, their excitement to see you, licking you in appreciation for all that you are and do, cuddling up next to you when you sit down;
  • The love for a favourite food, music, artist, healer, place, book – you name it;

All of these things, when I see them, read about them, listen to them or even think about them, bring me the utmost joy, tears of pure happiness, joy and contentment.

These are some of the things that fill my heart with joy. And now, I would like to ask you, to contemplate on what brings you the most pure divine joy in your life. What makes your heart sing, what fills your heart with joy. I hope that you enjoy this exercise and return to it numerous times.

With love and an open heart, Georgia