YOGA CAMEL Having originated in ancient India, yoga typically means ‘union’ between the body, mind and spirit. The ultimate aim of practicing yoga is to create a balance between the body and the mind and to attain self awareness and fulfil one’s life potential. In order to accomplish this, yoga makes use of different physical postures and poses (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), mental exercises, emotional (relaxation techniques) and spiritual exercises (meditation). All the yoga practices are designed in some way to: increase physical health (body), heighten awareness (mind) and strengthen inner focus (spirit).

Yoga is associated with a balanced approach to life and is the perfect way to ensure overall health and vitality. The combined techniques and disciplines of yoga develop strength of mind, body and spirit. As we strengthen physically in yoga postures, we simultaneously strengthen all other areas of our being, leading to increased self-awareness, wellbeing and potential.

One of the most beautiful gifts of yoga is that as we find strength within, we also discover softness. This balance between softness and strength within leads to a deeper understanding of our self and of others, as well as increased compassion and awareness. Through the regular practice of the various yoga techniques, we develop self-awareness and a deeper understanding of the natural cycles of life and death. This awareness leads to what can best be described as inner strength. When we are in a heightened state of awareness, we are less likely to be attached to certain situations that might be detrimental to the development of this quality. We are more able to observe in such situations rather than simply react to them, we are more able to relate to our self, others and life itself in a positive way.

These invaluable life tools are available to us in yoga postures and breathing techniques by withdrawing inward, concentrating and sitting in stillness. Regular yoga practice will bring you abundant strength, flexibility and good health, the benefits of which will strengthen you both physically and personally. Its positive effects are visible over time. All you need to know is the most appropriate asanas. In addition, you need to know the right way of performing the asanas, because any wrong attempt can cause injuries.

In the session I may teach or show you a number of yoga postures or a sequence to assist you with the issue you have presented with. The style of yoga I teach is GITA, a type of Hatha yoga. The GITA style of yoga works on the endocrine (hormone producing) system, so is very effective at balancing hormone related issues.

I qualified as a Hatha Yoga Instructor from GITA International Yoga in Melbourne. I have also completed the Fundamentals of Teaching Yoga and Meditation in Military Communities through Warriors at Ease, an American Non-Profit organisation supporting the health and resiliency of military communities across the globe.

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Yoga develops the mind, teaches us to control our emotions, lifts our attention from inferior things, and teaches us reverence, gentleness and love of peace. Yoga develops the nervous system, makes the body healthy and well. A balanced mind fills the body with life-giving currents, and the healthy body has a salutary effect on the mind, filling it with joy and happiness ~ Yesudian & Haich

Yoga will challenge you to become a more integrated person, more together, more in control, more confident, more loving, fearless. It will also challenge you to make a greater contribution to your world by taking responsibility for your own actions and, indeed, initiating whole-making processes in others. It will challenge you to become more of what you came to be, more of what your should intended you to be, more of what you can be! ~ Lucille Wood with Di Lucas